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It brings me great pleasure to share my personal journey with you. My wish is that it will inspire you to keep reaching for your Dreams and to Trust that every step you take is an important building block for awakening that personal Vision, which truly lies within You.

As I was preparing to bring my second daughter into the world, much creativity was unleashed within me, as I decided to launch a new look for my web site. Lots of inner reflection was stirred, as I gather images, created tag lines and color combinations. Looking back, this web site captures almost 20 years of total transformation, from Artist to Healer and how similar they are indeed, as I later discovered.

A big thank you to Laura Kavanaugh, the web designer and graphic artist www.laurakav.com , whose creativity, patience and diligence made this all possible. One of my closest and dearest friends Jill Wachter www.jillwachter.com is the photographer who captured all the Angelic images of my hands back in 1995. She is also the one who words encouraged me to share my story with you, as she has been a key witness to much change and possibility within my life. These two ladies are incredible in their own right and true Earth Angels.

A question that I am frequently asked is "What inspired you to become an Acupuncturist/ Healer?" And I answer,"it found me"... having no clue what acupuncture was and growing up in a small town with no exposure to holistic medicine, except perhaps, for fresh, home grown garden food and a healthy lifestyle; thank you Mom and Dad!

For as long as I can remember, I was always deeply attracted to Color, Shape and Light. This was coupled with a deep quest for learning some of life's most profound questions such as, "Who/What is God?", Who are We and What are We all doing here?,"What is the meaning of Life?"

Like us all, a myriad of occurrences afforded me the ability to receive bachelor's degree of Fine Art and minor in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute, New York in 1992. The truth is that it was a hard and somewhat challenging road. The daily struggle prompted me to uncover that I have a minor space/perception learning disability that made it nearly impossible to get precise drafts and images correctly on a page. Little did I know that this is "quite typical" of someone that is more right brain dominant and can indicate a highly intuitive person. Capturing visions and creativity on a small page was too confining for me! As disappointing as it was, time progressed and I found a new means of expression.

I had the great fortune to take my creative ability "live" as a fashion stylist. I worked on some of the most well known commercials, soap operas and even with a prestigious fashion designer, doing merchandising. One may say that I was successful, working everyday as a freelance stylist, traveling and meeting some of the most incredible people and places. Something, however, was missing within my heart, a void that left me tired and restless.

During this time, I was also nearly engaged and had the opportunity to live in France for several years. Though this sounds like a wonderful opportunity, it was a catalyst for me to explore all the wondrous opportunities of living in New York City that I had put on hold. I began exploring some of my heart felt interest and took numerous classes ranging from herbal medicine, astrology, yoga, Theosophical Studies of H.P. Blatsky and the Secret Doctrine.

Then it happened, my life as I knew it changed with one telephone call. My inner calling within me was becoming too great and passion too strong to remain in denial about what was unfolding within me. Not long after, my relationship ended and my heart was broken. It was perhaps the most significant and complete transformation of my lifetime. It was then that it became clear that I wanted to go back to school, but for WHAT, was the question? For weeks I pondered, prayed and waited... then it happened, a spontaneous realization!

I can still remember where I was when it happened. It was like being hit by a lightening bolt that took my breath away, stopped me in my tracks and stung my feet. I wanted/needed to go to acupuncture school. Interesting that up to this point, had never even received an acupuncture treatment! I promptly applied to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and the rest is history. As I sat in class, it was like having deja vu. I instinctively felt a deep inner resonance with all the information.

At the present time, how much has truly changed in my life. I now understand that I am an artist on the unseen planes; transmitting universal energy through my hands and heart. Like an artist, I fill up, repair, clear, add, layer to one's energetic system color, shape, light, words. My hands are like a moving prayer, while my mind and heart hold the purest thoughts and intentions. I was waiting for the perfect container and a level of soul maturity within myself, before my calling was revealed.

It was my beloved husband that named my practice Healing Hands New York, back in 2003. How serendipitous that the Angelic images that were photographed of my hands many years ago, were taken one week before I made the final leap; from Artist to Acupuncturist!

Every moment reflects the forever enfoldment and changing tides of Life that leads us Home. We are all in this journey together and may we all graciously have the inner courage to stay true to our path honoring ourselves and those around us with enormous Compassion and Gratitude. May our choices be from our Heart and Guide us on our way. May truth guide us from darkness to the Light!